Filipina women are some of the world’s most cherished, sought after lovers and wives thanks to their personality traits, willingness, and desire to be loving, but also love and care for their man. They are brought up closely by their family, and are taught values based on respect, love, peace, understanding, and often God.

While a majority Catholic and Christian nation, many Filipinas come from other religious, or non-religious backgrounds. Filipina women often look for these same values in their men, are accustomed to “courting”, and are sincere at heart.

A Filipina woman knows how she should and wants to be treated, is raised by her parents to know what to look for in a man, and likewise desires a man who also knows what he wants and needs in life. A man that has his ‘head on straight’, cherishes family values, and is always looking up towards the future makes the most sense for a Filipina.

The culture in the Philippines, heavily influenced the Spanish, has developed into it’s own unique, family-oriented, hard-working, and humble culture that it is today. Many Filipinas are attracted to the idea of, and many will pursue a relationship and future with a foreigner man – but not necessarily for all the reasons you may think or hear stories about.

Filipinas and Foreigners: Not just about Money

While there is the common notion that Filipinas are only interested in money when they date or marry a foreigner man, in most cases this is simply not true. At least, in comparison, no more true than many relationships in the United States and other places around the world.

Although, this of course also depends on where in the Philippines your Filipina woman comes from, lives, and where you’ve visited or explored your options. Without visiting or living in the Philippines, just like any other country in Asia or around the world, it’s difficult to understand a culture, why and how people live, act, or think the ways they do.

And while it’s true that some Filipina women are interested in, or after a foreigner man’s money, there are far more reasons than might be considered.

For example, as the economy in the Philippines is entirely different than most western nations, you may come to realize that given the average salary it is often near to impossible to provide basic clothing, medicines, or a home for many Filipinos.

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That is, let alone the idea of completing middle or high school, or dreams involving higher education – college as they’re typically left to look after and contribute to the welfare of their families at home.

Because of this, it’s undoubtedly true that Filipinas are attracted to the idea of dating and marrying a foreigner man to support these aspirations, opening a business, or even providing for one’s family.

In comparison to other competing countries and cultures this is reasonably fair, considering women in the country you might be from only seek out wealthier men to buy expensive, lavish jewelry, fast cars, big houses, or to not have to work to get by.

So, you see, with a different culture comes a different mentality. Also, yes, the idea of having a man that can provide much needed medicine, hospital visits, food, basic clothing, or a little help here and there for family members is absolutely something Filipinas look for, but is by no means the only, or top reason for most that they would be attracted to or consider from dating a foreigner.

In fact, there are so many differences between foreigner men and Filipinos that it becomes more understandable why Filipinas are likely attracted to you, and through this, you might come to learn why you are so desirable and feel more inclined to visit or date and even marry a Filipina one day.

Why You’re Desirable: A Foreign Man and Culture

By no means is chivalry dead, and Filipinas know this. And while it’s true there are plenty of great Filipino men, husbands, and successful family men the current and future generations look relatively depreciated in terms of these types of values.

Culturally speaking, chivalry is something that’s been demonstrated time and time again to the Philippines as far back as the Spanish liberation, and the military presence of American soldiers has developed a strong love, appreciation, and passion for foreigners. So whether chivalry is not something that’s emphasized in the household starting at a younger age, it is something Filipinas want – and a foreigner man’s willingness or habits of doing so are well known.

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Filipinas like to be heard, loved, and respected. Often, this is not something that is given to Filipinas from local men, as it’s a relatively “macho” culture. Perhaps because men here work so hard and long hours or days, it’s something often overlooked and deprived of in most relationships. This creates unwanted tension in relationships, depletes it of respect, and communication.

Filipinas while considerably docile, absolutely demand respect, have a mind, and opinion of their own and enjoy being heard – as most women do. Men from other countries tend to have a larger willingness, if not habit of communicating this way with a woman, and because of this adds appeal to the desirability of foreigners to them.

Men from other countries also tend to be more motivating and understanding of Filipinas that aspire to develop a successful career, education, or business of their own.

On the contrary, the culture in the Philippines often influences the idea or expectation that Filipinas are meant to be “homemakers”, and while it’s true they are indeed wonderful cooks and know how to run a family, it’s not all that most of them want out of a relationship.

Filipina women don’t want to be seen as a less than, or incapable of the same abilities of her man, they want to be respected, and most importantly to make a positive difference in their own and the lives around them.

Finally, Filipinas look at foreigner men as the best prospective boyfriend or husband material because they value commitment. Filipinas have the unpleasant experience of often coming from communities where promiscuity among men is all too common, often what they refer to as “butterfly” behavior, and are tired of being lied to or cheated on.

And because Filipinas are known for being committed, they seek the same out of a man. They desire love and trust from a relationship, and want a man they can count on. Foreigner men, typically viewing Filipinas and Asian women as exotic are often all too ready to treat their women like royalty, and these women know that.

They know foreigner men are great for being committed, and likewise willing to, or dreaming of one day having a family, much like themselves.


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