Scouring the internet online seeking a genuine, loving, honest Filipina woman can seem like a daunting task. Finding the perfect fit for you, a loyal, compassionate, and genuine Filipina woman is no simple ‘feat’.

In fact, it can be more difficult to do so when utilizing the internet, so it’s important you take into consideration using the most reliable sources and accredited websites before diving head first into such an ‘adventure’.

We’ve outlined below the Top 5, most credible, seemingly legitimate websites and services for meeting the Filipina woman of your dreams!


This source is our top pick as it provides you insight, FAQs, and opportunities not only into finding the perfect Filipina match for you, but even women of other countries of origin throughout Asia!

This website provides you insight into the Filipina culture, what to expect from a Filipina woman, steps to ensure the most secure relationship possible, and how to get started!

It even goes as far as to exposure you to the most effective ways to communicate with a Filipina woman and find the best match for you! With a brief ‘history lesson’ on Filipina culture and online dating this website is sure to assist you in the most practical ways in finding your true Filipina love!


This Filipina Match website is our second pic as it offers the most genuine profile and communication experience second to best! With real profiles and a free-membership option, you can easily start receiving correspondences from Filipina women interested in you!

This website and service is especially unique because it seemingly not only limits finders to Filipina women located in the Philippines directly, but also whom which are living and working abroad, but still looking for a connection and western husband!

With endless supplies of photos and messaging options this can be a very efficient way to meet new, beautiful, Filipina women with similar personalities as you!


asian-dating is an extremely popular source for Filipina women looking for a foreigner to love and marry, including romantic encounters! With an extraordinarily large user database you have a substantially greater chance of getting connected with the Filipina woman of your dreams.

In addition to this, it’s possible to make endless new Philippine friends that, perhaps in the future, could turn into something much more (serious)! As an added bonus provides users the ability to search elsewhere, should you desire, for Filipinas and other prospective Asian lovers throughout the entire continent!

Signup is easy, and this website is reputably a very user-friendly interface to use. With an anonymous messaging feature this site takes out the common shyness or intimidating factors of being directly engaged with prospective lovers and friends!

This website is especially reputable as it does not require an enormous down payment or long-term financial obligation like other popular Filipina dating sites do, making this a more desirable option for those still ‘testing the water’.



Although a smaller site with just several thousand users, this website provides a more personalized feeling to meeting new friends and prospective Filipina lovers without all of the added pressures of sophisticated profiles and expectations or features that might be found on more popular Asian dating websites.

As an added bonus this site allows you to specifically focus on faith-based similarities and the ability to filter out unwanted matches based on your personality and expectations.

Sending anonymous ‘kisses’ and flirts makes this site and interface a more user-friendly, slow-paced experience to meeting new friends and finding a possible match (love)!



ChristianFilipinas is a Christian based dating platform and option for meeting new Christian friends and prospective lovers of all different Christian denominations! With the added features of instant video chat and messaging this is a very desirable website and interface for meeting and matching with new beautiful, Christian, Filipina women!


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