The truth is, when it comes to Filipino Mail Order Brides or Filipina wives, they truly are one of a kind. And, because their culture, country, and personalities are so very unique to what you’re likely used to, it should be no surprise that plenty of American and other foreign men come to the Philippines and wind up staying indefinitely.

As a culture, the Filipinos are very proud of their culture, but, are also very welcoming of others, and enjoy introducing people to their ways of life. So, when it comes time to either meet your Filipina girlfriend in person after meeting online, or, meeting and dating in person, the chances are you won’t only fall in love with her, but, also her country too.

Filipinas are very beautiful, loving, compassionate, and affectionate. They also take tremendous pride in not only their femininity but, also the ability to be both a wife and mother. And for you, as a foreigner, it should be not only a surprise but also a relief to know that plenty of Filipinas are so ambitious that they will not hesitate to be both at stay at home mom, as well as continue to work full-time.

While we wouldn’t recommend such a setup in most instances for obvious reasons, it does illustrate beyond reasonable doubt that Filipinas possess the capacity to think beyond materialism, and are less likely to be “gold diggers” assuming you’re in the right part of the country. Although to be completely fair, this will also understandably come down to the types of people you associate with, and where you pick up or date Filipinas from.

In fact, you’ll more than likely find during your endeavors towards finding the right Filipino Mail Order Bride for you that, if possible, in most cases you’re a lot better off coming directly to the country itself and taking things from there.

This, of course, is not to say that there aren’t legitimate, honest, loving, and beautiful Filipinas on the various dating sites found across the net, but, rather that doing so will also allow you to immerse yourself directly into the culture, and further understand how Filipinas think and why.

You see, Filipinos are a unique people, and, if you’re never been to Asia at all, or are otherwise unfamiliar with Asian cultural trends or tendencies, you could be in for a lot of both wanted – and unwanted – surprises.

                                    What’s there to Love about a Filipino Bride?

There is indeed a lot to love about Filipinas, for starters, their excellent potential to be trustworthy, loyal, and loving housewives and mothers. And, per Filipino culture, it will not be offensive nor seemingly unfair – or sexually prejudice – for you to assume they will take up such a role in your home, may it be back in your home country, or the Philippines.

Filipinas are brought up to be good mothers and are raised very closely with their families, often being taught by their generations of women within their home how to act, think, speak, and behave.

Likewise, chances are your Filipina bride has been taught not only traditions, but, also how to cook certain, special, and new dishes for both her family and yours one day. Filipinos love to cook, and, if not knowing how to cook yourself, you should at least enjoy a good meal – 4, or 5 (More on this later.)

Filipina girls are brought up closely with their mothers, and likewise the boys typically with other, masculine influence. Which means 9 times out of 10 she is going to strong value the idea and possibility of being a mother one day herself. Also, that her grandmother and mother – aunts and sisters alike – have already likely gone to great lengths to properly educate, and prepare her on how to care for her own children one day. From caring for a baby, to still working hard and taking care of her home, Filipinas can do it all.

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Family Oriented and Talented

Next up, and by no means little, Filipinos are very religious, and chances are your Filipina girlfriend or wife to be is too. A predominantly Catholic country, Filipinas hold strong value on marriage, avoiding premarital sex, and attending church regularly. Often, should your new Filipino Mail Order Bride or soon to be wife be catholic, chances are she will frequently attend mass, and often rely on the Bible or God’s teachings to lead her decisions in life – including those in your relationship.

Contrary to popular believe, gossip, or online ‘chatter’, Filipinas are actually great at handling money, and, chances are your Filipino Bride will be too. This is a huge help and means you’ll be able to rely on her when necessary to manage your finances, budget, and help you when you’re overwhelmed with other tasks or responsibilities in the home.

This, in combination with the reality that most Filipinas speak basic to fluent English and are educated, makes for the perfect, intelligent, capable wife to create a home and future family with. Chances are your Filipino bride will be very ambitious and intuitive, as well as more than capable of being frugal with spending – so you don’t have to worry about her going wild with the credit card (avoid giving her one), or dumping your shared (reconsider opening one) bank account one night on a drunken binge with her girlfriends.

But no, seriously, the chances are if you’ve met a loving, genuine, and mature Filipino bride or girlfriend that she’s put together and responsible enough to not do foolish things like this, which leads us to our next point.

In most cases, Filipinas – especially in comparison to American women – have already matured and are ready to have a baby and make a family as early as 19, to their early 20’s. This is not unheard of, and by no means excludes you if you are an older man.

In fact, it’s preferred, as Filipinas tire from the common Filipino “butterfly” that will cheat on her, deceive her, lie, and spend his “free time” (daily) getting inebriated with the boys and bar-hopping. So, the choice is yours, and dependent upon what kind of man you are, likely will dictate what type of (Filipina) woman or women you attract.

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Why Men Fall in Love With the Philippines

As we’ve outlined above, and as you’ll learn and see for yourself as you get to know your Filipino Mail Order Bride or Filipina “Nobya” online, Filipinos are very giving, loving, and sincere people. This means, that no matter how poor or rich, they will more than likely always treat you with a very desirable level of respect, acceptance, and support – may it be emotional or physical.

And, once you marry your Filipino bride, the chances are her entire family – especially the males – will consider you one of them. This means they will always care for you, frequently check up on you, protect you, look out for you, and most commonly – ensure you’re well fed which is a given.

Filipinos are a lot friendlier in comparison to the brutish, standoff-ish, unapproachable, or otherwise judgmental and materialistic ways of common western countries, like the United States. And, this, in combination with their simpler way of life, chances are you’ll be reeled into staying in the Philippines, if not indefinitely, a lot longer than you had originally planned. That is, in combination with your beautiful, loving, Filipino bride, family, neighbors, and much more practical – easier – cost of living, there’s honestly not a lot of reasons to go back home. Although make no mistake, this does not imply by any measure that your Filipino bride will try to pressure you to stay or give up your life back home.

To quite the contrary, chances are she’ll support and encourage you to do what you need to do to make a living, what makes you happiest and to stay close to your family as well. And, of course, at some point or another to bring her back with you – as most Filipinas dream of the chance to travel, and get to see new places, learn new languages, and immerse themselves in new worldly culture.

Ultimately, Filipinos just know how to have fun, smile a lot, and are considerably more optimistic than most people you have or will ever meet. And, your Filipino bride will be by no measure an exception. You’ll learn how to live happier for less in the Philippines, the importance of family, and what a real, young, beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate wife is supposed to be live when you meet your Filipino bride.

A lot of foreigners have come to the Philippines for a few years at a time, have a second home here, vacation here, or move back and forth with their Filipino wife.

Chances are, no matter how you decide to live your life, you can count on both the people in your home community in the Philippines, along with your Filipino wife being loving, and supportive towards you and your endeavors every step of the way.


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