Many men go to the Philippines in order to seek a Filipino mail order bride. The appeal of the Filipina is something that many foreign men cannot seem to shake off. Their beauty is a mix of Hispanic and Malay, and some even look Spanish or a little bit of American because of the colonization of these two countries for more than three hundred fifty years in their homeland. Other than this good mix, Filipinas are also very hospitable, warm, and generous.

A lot of men find this highly attractive, as they are used to women who are go-getters and whom they cannot even have a decent conversation with. A lot of women from the west are guilty of this – because of the opportunities afforded to them, they are able to go for whatever they want and succeed in it, sometimes helping to proliferate a culture that is too fast-paced. This is what some men feel that they need to get away from, and they believe that this is what they can get from a Filipina. She is more laid back and can let the man take the lead when he wants to. Though she is smart and assertive, she has high respect for familial roles as this has been imbibed in her since she was very young.

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