Most Filipina women are very open to the idea of dating foreign men. When given the opportunity many Pinays would choose a foreigner over a local, even the most handsome ones. Understandably, many foreigners feel a bit confused about why that would be so.

Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why Filipina women want to date foreign men. Go through all of them and by the end of it you will have an “Aha, I see now” moment.

Top 10 reasons why Filipina women want to date foreign men

1. The MacArthur Effect

Believe it or not, it all started during the WW2 when General MacArthur got back in the Philippines and liberated the country from the Japanese occupiers.

Since then, foreign military men receive a warm welcome from the locals, especially the lovely Pinay ladies. Recently, those warm feelings have extended to most foreign men, not just men in uniforms.

2. Female to Male Ratio in the Philippines

According to recent statistics, there are more women than men in the Philippines. That alone makes it hard for many Filipinas to find a local man. Not to mention the fact that many Filipino men work and live abroad because of the mediocre economy and lack of jobs.

That’s something that also plays significantly in favor of foreign men. To put it simply, there isn’t much competition from the locals as there aren’t many in the first place.

By any standards, that’s a pretty good reason for Filipina’s to look for romantic opportunities outside of their country.

3. Life improvement

It is no secret that the Philippines is a ‘still developing’ country. There is a distinct lack of opportunities for young people. That alone is pretty frustrating for most young Filipino women. It’s not like they don’t like their country, but there isn’t much to do in it.

There are not many jobs, not too many men to choose from, and generally a lack of opportunity.  This applies to work, relationships and even personal development.

So, dating and marrying a foreigner is one of the best ways to get out of all that and move to someplace with more possibilities. Preferably with a loving husband that wants to create a family with them.

4. Great looking children

Filipinas don’t look only to date foreigners and get married, but to form a family and have children as well. They know that mixed children from a Filipino mother and a foreign father often look amazing. Many Filipino movie stars, both men and women, are mixed race.

So yes, half-Filipinos have that distinct appeal that is very attractive. That too plays a big role in why Filipino women prefer foreign men over locals.

5. Form a family

Most of them are raised conservatively, learning family values and strive towards a great family. That is their end game. To form a family with a capable man in a country in which extreme poverty has been eradicated. They don’t care much about any age difference or anything superficial like that.

A twenty-something Filipina won’t mind dating an older man as long as he has a good personality, has a decent income, and is genuinely interested in marriage. Preferably having or wanting children, as well. The idea of family life, far away from poverty is one of their greatest motivators to their desire to date a foreign man.

What’s interesting is that forming a family is also one of the main reasons why men from all over the world are looking for Filipina brides as well. That puts them on the same track and makes things much easier for both parties. A western man and a Filipina woman make a great match.

beautiful filipina

6. Loneliness

As mentioned earlier, many Filipino men decide to work abroad. Very often they choose to stay there indefinite.

That contributes too many women feel lonely and abandoned. Their answer to that is simple – find a foreigner. And very often they do so.

7. They know that foreign men appreciate commitment

It is in part of the culture and identity of Filipino women to be loyal, committed and caring.

They are also aware that foreign men appreciate those traits. Traits that are not that common with women that live in their countries of origin.

8. Foreign Men Are Well Educated and Bring Good Manners

Most of the westerners that come to the Philippines are well-educated, have good manners, and are well-behaved. Those are traits that women find very attractive, not just the ones from the Philippines.

But especially here many of the local men lack both education and good manners.

9. Foreign men appreciate their good looks and slim figures

Filipino women are known for their natural beauty and slim figures. They know they are beautiful and at the same time, they know how much foreign men appreciate a woman that knows how to take care of herself. And as most women in the world, they like to be appreciated.

Most foreign men express their admiration towards them in different ways and on a regular basis. That is a big reason why they so admire foreign men.

10. They like men that can express their true feelings

The locals are not that versed in expressing their feelings in a way that westerners can do.

Being with a man that doesn’t shy away from his feelings is a big turn on for many Filipino women.

For them, it is a sign of great affection and love.

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Yes, Filipina women are very open about dating foreigners, and they are already looking for some online dating sites for the same. They are willing to walk that extra mile to make things work, and no they don’t care about your age.

That’s what matters the most. Many foreigners have already dated and married a Filipino woman.

Whether you give a Filipina lady a shot or not, is a choice you need to make on your own.


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